NCS Graduate stories

“Volunteering as a graduate ambassador and being given the opportunity to see the NCS experience from the other side has been really interesting and vital experience for me. From getting involved in employing new staff for the programmes right through to the execution in the summer. It has given me useful skills and experience that will help me with my future career. This combined with being able to help with the young people’s experience while on programme. It was a fantastic experience made better by knowing I helped shape the programme for those participants going through it and being rewarded with the knowledge that I made the programme that much more positive for the young people.”

NCS Graduate Ambassador who volunteered in 2017
"This year I decided to stand up and talk to the Year 11's about my experience because I wanted to inspire them so they had they opportunity for NCS to change their life, like it changed mine!"

Bryony Danks, NCS Graduate 

Listen to Bryony's story here:
"NCS is one of the bests decisions I have made in my life which I will nerver regret!"

NCS Grad, Sandon
"I shall never forget this rollercoaster of an experience and im so glad I said YES to NCS!"

NCS Grad, Cannock
"The best moment for me was the colour and the hike because everyone got involved. Even though I was last in the hike I had the support and encouragement of my team leader and team members!"

NCS Grad, Staffordshire

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