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If you want to get to work, we’re here to help. We’re on team you. We work with you to find the employment solution that gets you moving towards your life goals and independence.
Whether you have a health condition or disability, are a young person, ex-offender, or you’re simply returning to work, together, we can help you find the right job for you.
We’ll talk you through how we can help and find out what you need.
We want to get to know you and understand where you’re at. We’re interested in your strengths, your goals and any barriers to employment.
Then we get to work on your personal plan. A clear path to the right job for you. We’re here to help you to achieve your goals.
Your dedicated APM coach will work with you to get ready. They will listen, treat you with respect and seek to understand what support you need.
They’ll help you build the skills and confidence you need to get to work.
We offer you the very best, highly personalised and flexible job search support to find the right job for you – delivered by our caring, approachable and professional staff.
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We believe everyone deserves a second chance.

We are proud to deliver HMPPS CF03, a programme that helps people settle back into the community after leaving prison. 

We understand how important it is rebuild your life when returning into the community and we work alongside you every step of the way to get you where you want to be.

Our range of support services, skills development and training will help you get to work and get your life back on track.

“Don’t let anyone tell you they can’t work. I am deaf and I got a job, so if I can do it, anyone can!”  

Lesa-Marie White

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