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APM is all about careers, getting people into work and partnering with companies who have a passion for what they do. One such company are Zeddy Productions Ltd,  who provide video production services for big names around the country. However, Zeddy hasn’t always been a big name in the industry - the Owner and Director, Zoe, worked hard to establish the company to where it is now.
When asked why she wanted to pursue a career in filming, Zoe said: “For as long as I can remember, growing up I always loved taking photos and filming (wobbly) footage on our family mini camcorder. I had a natural interest in capturing shots and getting good compositions from quite early on. By the time I was about 14, I really wanted to be a TV presenter, as I was excited by the idea of live children’s’ television and really enjoyed drama and performing arts at school, I went on to study it for GCSE and A-Level. Gradually my interest turned back to the production of television. I’ve always loved gadgets, so the cameras and editing technology became a big interest. I knew I wanted to do something I loved, something I had a passion for, something creative, but also something that would make a good career, where I could make money and progress.”
Zoe chose her career because from a young age she knew she wanted to work in television. During her final year of A-levels she phoned up the ITV studios and spoke to someone about careers, asking them what they thought would be the best course to study at uni, to help her with a career in TV. She took their advice and went with their suggestion of Communication Studies and Media, where she studied various aspects of practical film-making, editing, radio, print and a wide variety of communication skills.
We wanted to know why Zoe decided to start her own business so we could offer advice to those who are thinking about doing the same. “I had worked at the ITV studios for three years, then worked as a video journalist for seven years, and I decided I wanted the flexibility to work on my own projects and develop my skills further. I was excited by the idea of making my own money and creating a business where I could work with a great team of people, selected just by me! My dad set up his own business when he was the same age I was, and he was a fantastic inspiration and support, especially through the early days, but even now that he’s retired, he gives me great advice and I often run things by him.”
To get to where she is now Zoe went to university to get her degree and then procured a temporary job at ITV. There are many other ways to achieve a degree to get to your chosen career though. You can complete an apprenticeship at work to gain experience as you go, or you can choose an Open University style course where you study at home.
An apprenticeship is always good to consider when your chosen career is more hands on. You get to learn the necessary skills and put them in to practice immediately on the job.  
“The most satisfying thing about my job is the diversity. We produce films for such a huge variety of clients, we have the privilege of filming all over the country and sometimes outside the country and it’s always something different!” 
“If I was to give advice to someone who was choosing a career, I would say: think about where your interests lie. What excites you, what inspires you, what makes you feel happy, what kind of person do you think you are… or would like to be? When you know that, you can start to channel it towards a similar themed career. Sometimes it takes time to suss it out, you might have to try a few things to whittle it down to where your passion and skills lie.”

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