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Why NCS?

NCS gives young people all over the country the opportunities to grow as individuals, develop their skills and helps them get into employment.  Even when NCS is over, in reality it’s just the beginning! NCS offers a huge selection of careers and progression for NCS Grads to take up. One of those Grads was Siana.

Siana did NCS in Summer 2016 with YMCA Worcester where she completed phases 1 and 2 at PGL Liddington and Worcester University. Here is Siana’s story:

“I was sitting in my school assembly where a member of APM staff had come in to talk to us all about NCS. I had already been discussing with my best friend, wondering what we were going to do for 12 weeks in the summer, so when we heard about NCS we jumped at it. The price was amazing too, I knew it was something my family could afford and I just couldn’t refuse!
The whole experience looked really fun from all the videos we saw in the assembly and I had already been to Girl Guides so I knew it was something I could handle. I went with one friend and just hoped for the best!

NCS wasn’t something that I had heard of before, but I liked the idea that it could help me with my CV and would make me look a lot better when it came to job applications.
NCS helped me gain a lot more confidence - I can now walk into a room and just start talking to people rather than being shy in the corner. It built up my teamworking skills too, I’m so much better at working with people now.

I loved the people and the ethos of NCS so much that I signed up for the Grad programme and became a Grad Ambassador. After doing 2 stints of summer work, I knew NCS was where I wanted my career to be. I approached NCS about working for them and they offered me an apprenticeship.

It’s great that I can earn money and study at the same time. I will go to college 1 day a week where I will do my level 3 Business Admin and I want to study Social Work too.

With NCS I have the choice to progress to full time work after my studies and work up the ranks over the next few years.” – Siana, Assistant NCS coordinator Apprentice.

“It makes so much sense to have staff who have completed NCS and become grads, they understand what NCS is, they understand the way the young people feel in their first few days so they are much better mentors . Siana is an exceptional asset to our team and I think she will do really well in the NCS family!” – Tom Smallman, NCS Coordinator

There are many opportunities for work after young people have completed NCS, you can find out more information by visiting
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