Daniel Blunn

The right path to a successful career is different for everyone, which is why we help people achieve their potential through finding the right route for them. Although the traditional college or university route is most commonly thought of when it comes to preparing for the job market, it is far from the only option to develop. Apprenticeships are one way to both earn and learn on your career journey, reaching similar destinations but with the best of both worlds.  

The story of 20-year-old Daniel Blunn, who found a business administration apprenticeship through APM, show how success and career advancement starts with ambition and readiness to accept new challenges.
Daniel has been working as a facilities administrator at an automotive technical centre in Birmingham since November 2018. He says, ‘’I feel very important and valued whilst at work, treated much more like an employee than an apprentice and given the responsibilities as such. This is something I absolutely relish and appreciate. I get to wear a shirt and tie to work and look as successful as the company I work for’’.

Before the suits and ties however, Dan shares that he wouldn’t have imagined where he is today – he found it challenging to find the right path to gain professional experience: ‘’After three years’ worth of unsuccessful attempts at college, trying two full BTECs and one year of A-Levels, I was spending my time working late hours at a bar and waking up even later in the morning, more like afternoon. This was very tiring, and I was constantly having interviews for work elsewhere at local shops, which although went well, wasn’t what I wanted to do”.

Originally, Daniel was sceptical about apprenticeships as he wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps and go to university. However, after visiting the careers department at his college, he was encouraged to think about the possibility of an apprenticeship, advice he eventually followed and lead him to choosing an apprenticeship with APM, leading him to his current role.

Daniel says, ‘’I eventually came around and curiously started looking at apprenticeships every now and then, checking locally. I knew that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life behind a bar, I really wanted a qualification to my name. Due to my age, I ideally needed to be working as well, so with these two facts in mind, an apprenticeship seemed like the logical step”.

When he started looking, Daniel didn’t have any idea as to what he wanted to do, but he knew what his skills were and that he needed to find a local workplace as he couldn’t drive yet. 
“I made a list of the ones I was most interested in and applied. Funny enough however, the job I’m in now I didn’t initially pick as one I’d be interested in, as the thought of being stuck behind a desk put me off. However, it was one of the most local apprenticeships, so I thought I’d at least give it a shot. I applied and after a good interview, I got the job!’’

Daniel has been on his apprenticeship for about 3 months now and he’s glad he did give it a go. He loves his job, especially because of the varied experience it offers – in his words, “no two days are the same”.
‘’I love the job I do and how it contributes. I have my weekends free to plan things with my friends or myself, and I definitely don’t worry about money. The monthly training isn’t bad, it’s like being back at college in a classroom so nothing unfamiliar.’’
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