APM's work trials offers your business the opportunity to employ a job seeker on a trial basis, or give a young person an opportunity to develop essential skills

We work with you to find a motivated, flexible candidate who suits your business and the role available, then support you and the candidate throughout the trial period.

You’ll receive full support on how to offer, manage and mentor work experiences. And at the end of the time, you can provide a reference or offer an interview for a permanent position. 

Work experiences provide a valuable route into employment for both school and college leavers, and people returning to work and entering employment for the first time. They provide a unique insight into what it’s like to be employed, what to expect in the workplace, and how to work within a business as part of a team. 

Work trials and experiences can vary in duration and can be offered in multiple roles across all industries. 

"This job has given me a much better outlook for the future, I feel upbeat on most days and I look forward to getting up in the mornings. This feeling can only be achieved by being in work!”


Marva Gordon

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