We believe everyone is capable of work.

We work with our candidates to understand their abilities, strengths and what they want to achieve. While we acknowledge their disability, it’s not our focus. 

Our service includes supporting you and your team to welcome a person with disability to your workplace.

Our service doesn’t stop when you hire a new team member. We support the induction of new starters and provide ongoing support for you and your employee.

Supporting people with disability to get to work is all about finding the right job and employer to get them moving towards their life goals and independence.

There are many benefits of hiring a person with disability. These include:

  • increased performance
  • boosted creativity and morale
  • diversity and staff retention
  • improved reputation and customer view of your brand.

Together, we can get more people with disability to work. And as a Disability Confident Leader, you can be assured of your expertise and experience. 

To find out more about how your business can benefit from hiring a person with disability, get in touch today.

“She was highly anxious and embarrassed about her medical condition, so it took a little while to re-build her confidence and show her that there are flexible employers like Aspens Services out there, who are prepared to give people an opportunity.”

Priscilla Barnett, APM Caseworker

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