Looking for someone to take the pain out of recruitment?

We pride ourselves on finding the right match for your business and the employee. 

We offer flexible, comprehensive employment solutions, designed to suit your business.

Need someone with a specific skill or previous experience? We’ll find them for you.

Want to build a diverse workforce? We’d love to help and can support you create motivated, skilled, and productive teams. 

Our comprehensive, no cost recruitment service includes:

  • getting to know you, your business and your recruitment needs
  • providing job ready candidates who are the right match and keen to work
  • arranging pre-employment screening, assessments or training 
  • increasing diversity, employee retention and reducing absenteeism
  • extensive post placement support to ensure your new team member settles in well.

We work with all of our candidates to develop a personal job plan. We identify their strengths, interests and goals. This plan helps us to match the right candidate to your vacancy. If the candidate needs further training or support to perform tasks in your business, we’ll make this happen.

We have speciailist expertise in integrating ex-offenders in to the workforce. This includes advice for employers, mentoring line manager and colleagues to on how to deal with employees and criminal records.

Are you ready to build your team? Let’s get to work! 

To find out more about how we can support your business to grow, get in touch today or send us you vacancy.

“Aldi are currently the fifth biggest food retailed in the United Kingdom. We’re growing so quickly, we’re always on the lookout for new recruits. We chose to work alongside APM because they bought into our vision to create happy, productive teams who understand exactly what needs to happen to make our store a success. We owe our success to our people, and APM took the time to understand what we want from our new starters: confident, able and energetic staff who are looking for an exciting retail challenge.  Working alongside APM was a wholly positive experience and we have just welcomed our first APM recruit into the team.”


Annie Turney, Area Manager at ALDI Darlington

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