Our Vision

As a global leader in human services, we will improve the lives of 1 million people by 2020.

Our Purpose

Enabling better lives.

To achieve this we will:

Be more efficient, effective and profitable to enable us to invest for growth:

  • Re-engineer our business to take best advantage of new technologies and best practice
  • Develop business unit investment plans to ensure growth is achieved
  • Reward innovation and best practice across APM

Grow our business through quality and performance:

  • Develop a culture of quality, performance and best practice
  • Grow our existing businesses through results
  • Develop additional opportunities within existing service lines
  • Achieve quality accreditation across our global market

Use our creativity to identify new delivery solutions for our valued clients:

  • Implement continuous improvement framework
  • Formalise process to generate, review and approve new business opportunities, including acquisitions
  • Build service capability in customer-directed and person-centred services
  • Partner for resources and expertise to access new opportunities

Recognise that our people are our business and build a culture of trust and respect where we live our values in every aspect of what we do at APM:

  • Recognise and reward individual and team contributions
  • Demonstrate our commitment to ongoing development and growth
  • Provide a safe and productive work environment
  • Encourage open and honest communication

Be proactive thought leaders on policy development and market innovation

  • Build strong relationships with government at all levels
  • Define policy positions on key issues
  • Develop strategic stakeholder engagement strategy to influence policy on key issues

“I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the APM team who have supported me throughout my journey. Your support will never be forgotten.”


Marva Gordon

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