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We provide services for people, places and business to create and improve skills, employment, and health and wellbeing

Recruitment and Employment Support
Our recruitment services help people and business with the recruitment, hiring and on-boarding process to create successful employment outcomes. We work across all industries to match and prepare candidates for vacancies, enabling businesses to build and retain their workforce.

We deliver a range of programmes that offer specialist support to customers, including people who are long-term unemployed, people with health conditions or disabilities, ex-offenders and young people. Working in partnership with business, we help build diverse, inclusive and productive teams.  
Education and Training
We help people and business acquire the skills they need to fulfil their potential. From essential skills such as maths, English and IT, to vocational skills for a wide range of occupations and industries, our programmes provide the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to get on at work.

All of our programmes are created in partnership with industry to provide the core competencies that businesses need to grow, while creating opportunities for people to access new employment, progress their careers, or pursue their interests. We offer a range of trusted and recognisable qualifications in partnership with the UK’s leading awarding organisations, including City & Guilds. 
Apprenticeships provide opportunities for people to start and progress their careers, and give businesses the opportunity to build their business from the inside out with new talent and new skills. Businesses of all sizes and industries can employ an apprentice, whether as a new recruit or for existing employees.

Apprenticeships combine work and learning to create demonstrable knowledge, skill and competence in wide range of occupations. Our apprenticeships programmes are flexible and complemented by additional services such as apprentice recruitment or managed service provision. We design solutions for small businesses with big ambitions, through to large companies paying the apprenticeship levy for a diverse workforce.
Youth Programmes
We work with local organisations to provide opportunities for young people through social cohesion, social mobility and social engagement. We bring people together to create integrated communities and invest in talent through essential skills for life and work. 

Our National Citizen Service gives young people adventure, discovery and social action through outward bounds, independent living experiences, life skills, volunteering and social action projects based in their local communities. We are proud to have supported more than 10,000 young people create brighter futures and make a direct and positive impact where they live.
Specialist Programmes
Our customers are diverse, with different backgrounds, different experiences, and different needs. We like it that way. Because our business is all about people, how we work is all about the person. We offer specialist expertise and programmes, to ensure the right support for the right needs. And that goes for employers too. We help offenders move towards social inclusion and employment through our CFO3 programme for Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

We help people with disabilities and health conditions enter employment and support their personal independence.

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