18 March 2019

The Work and Health Programme (WHP) helps people who are out-of-work find and keep a job. It supports people who have been unemployed for at least 24 months, and is voluntary for people looking for help to progress. The programme offers services to people of all circumstances and needs, including those with a disability, carers, ex-offenders, ex-forces, armed forces, dependants or formal dependents on drugs or alcohol, and those who are homeless.  

APM is proud to deliver the Work and Health Programme and celebrated the programme’s 1st birthday with customers in January. Over the past year, our team of dedicated coaches have worked with customers to achieve some amazing results. Our holistic approach works in partnership with specialist organisations and enables better lives for participants.  

The APM team have helped over 122 participants secure a job, from January 15th 2018 to January 15th 2019. APM work with 100’s of companies to help provide jobs that include: Cleaners, Computer Technicians, Support Care Workers, Accountants, Events Crew Supervisors and Warehouse Operatives to name just a few. Through providing employment support which leads to new jobs for our customers, we are also able to provide bespoke recruitment services to local employers. Helping businesses access the local talent of Work & Health Programme customers to fill skills gaps and build a diverse, productive workforce. Once our customers start their new role, we continue to support them and their employer, including using our skills courses and apprenticeships to give the confidence, competencies and qualifications to excel at work and open opportunities for career progression.

As part of the 1st birthday celebrations, APM were invited to an event hosted by the Department for Work and Pensions which brought together providers and customers from across the country to share achievements and best practice. One customer spoke about how much the programme had empowered him to find a job and be more confident, both at work and in his personal life. Jon Skelly, Senior Business Manager at APM, delivered a speech about the programme’s achievements in the last year. Jon commented: 

“We truly value our trained staff and the work they do in order to help others on a daily basis. It is truly empowering to see the wonderful achievements of our staff, our partners, and the customers we help. This event has been a great day for all of us and I am looking forward to hearing more success stories over the next 12 months and beyond.”

“Being a work coach at the jobcentre, I have had many conversations with our customers who cannot praise enough the support and time they are receiving from the WHP. There were a couple who were apprehensive about going. However, they are appreciating the one to one support they are having and looking
forward to the next appointment with their APM coach.”
 Jackie, Work Coach

“My colleague and I were blown away by how much the programmebenefits the individual. It is really tailored to each customer.” Amra, Work Coach

To read more about how we enable better lives, visit apm-uk.co.uk/WorkHealthProgramme


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