12 February 2019

The Work and Health Programme supports Jobcentre Plus customers with employment and health needs. It is designed to help people find and keep a job and is available, on a voluntary basis, to those with health conditions or disabilities, and to various groups of vulnerable people. It will also provide support to those who have been unemployed for over two years. 

Our service is delivered by dedicated Coaches who work in partnership with customers to build personal plans, providing comprehensive and specialist support.

“We work with people to help them find different ways of thinking and approaching their circumstances, we want to show them how they can find different options for their future.” – Cathy Wilson, Senior Business Manager, APM

Julie Cooksey was referred to the Work & Health programme in May 2018 and having previously worked as a Cleaner and a Packer she was looking to secure work in any of these areas - but this was not without its challenges.  

In her arrival at APM, Julie was paired with Catherine Beroard-Gabbidon.

As a support manager, Catherine’s role is to take an holistic approach to supporting participants on the Work & Health contract by working with local support services and employers within the area. 

Each support manager completes a Key Life Area Assessment with the participant which maps out their personal journey to employment. 

They signpost and give one to one support for all aspects of life so participants can return to sustainable employment. 

As Julie is deaf she is very much reliant on her husband who attended her first appointment. He supported with interpretation for both Julie and her conversation counterpart, however, as he works full time he was unable to continue to attend all of Julie’s meetings. 

Catherine, contacted Clarion UK, a British Sign Language interpreting service who supported Julie and Catherine to communicate during all of her appointments. 

During her time with APM, Julie was able to help updating her CV and with Catherine’s help and guidance posted this refreshed document on various job search sites. After 1-2-1 tuition from Catherine, Julia became proficient at applying for jobs, increasing her confidence with each application. 

Catherine arranged a work trial with Arlington Automotive but unfortunately Julie was unsuccessful.

Though disappointed, she remained determined to secure employment and continued to work hard with her job search. 

While she was out shopping, Julie noticed a sign in a shop window requiring cleaners. She shared the information with Catherine who called the organisation on Julies behalf to arrange an interview. After preparing and going through mock questions together, Julie interviewed successfully and secured the position at Commercial Cleaning.  

Julie is now enjoying her new role and has thanked APM and the team on the Work and Health Programme for their help, guidance and continued support throughout her job seeking journey. 

She truly believes that without this help she would not have secured employment. 

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