12 March 2019

Jamie Bushell came to APM feeling that he had no prospects for work and his life wasn’t going anywhere after becoming homeless, he wasn’t in a good place mentally. 

It is a common misconception that someone who is homeless cannot get a job, or maybe that they don’t even want to work. It is true that homelessness presents barriers, but these can be overcome by the right services and support. 

Jamie started on the Work Routes programme in August 2017, but due to his personal circumstances he didn’t return until May 2018 when he felt he was in a more stable position to fully participate and benefit. It was then that we were able to provide him with support to look for work and suitable living accommodation. 

Jamie attended bi-weekly meetings with his work advisor who was able to assist him with the priority of finding him somewhere safe to stay. Although he was accepted as a resident of shared accommodation, he was still very down about his circumstances but with his advisor’s guidance and encouragement, he kept belief that things would get better. 

After building his confidence through interview advice and techniques, as well as providing him with the know-how to update his CV, APM were also able to help him with his job search.

With his enhanced confidence there was a significant improvement in both Jamie’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

Jamie applied for several positions online. After being invited to interview he was successful and secured a position as a cleaner for a local transport company. He successfully completed the company training and is now enjoying his new role. 

As well as getting his new job, Jamie has now also secured permanent accommodation too.  

"APM helped me to realise that my homelessness and unemployment wasn’t all doom and gloom. They made me realise that there are positives and I would eventually have a breakthrough in obtaining a job or finding somewhere to live. APM offered me all the support I needed helping me build confidence and to believe I could change my life for good. 

Just having the belief and support has impacted my life immensely. I am now homed and have a job. Without the confidence building and the reassurance I needed from APM that my life would get better, I don’t think I would have got to where I am today." 


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