05 January 2018
Young people from NCS APM Telford recently joined the race against blood cancer delivering thirty donor drives in the local area. 
Race Against Blood Cancer (RABC) is a growing charity trying to raise awareness around the disease and increase sign up to the national donor register as four in five suffers don’t find a match.
The charity have been prevalent with local appeals on behalf of young people in the area.
RABC have been working with NCS APM Telford since summer 2016 inspiring over nine hundred youngsters when telling them about their work on the programme. 
Gemma Elsmore, Community Engagement Officer from RABC, said “We got the opportunity to speak to hundreds of young people to raise awareness around blood cancer and how we need more people on the national donor register. We also taught them how to carry out a donor drive and thankfully we inspired many to go out and raise awareness, much needed funds and run donor drives as part of their community action project.”
The youngsters worked alongside the charity and organised thirty drives over the summer as part of their social action projects resulting in resulting in more than two hundred people signing up to the national register and over £2500 raised for RABC.
Beth Hoyle, Senior NCS Programme Coordinator, explained how they have helped.
 “We have held donor drives in schools, colleges, 6th forms, shopping centres, in sports events, at a community farm, an exotic zoo, garden centres, coffee shops and supermarkets. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done with the charity and are excited to expand on this in the future.”
Gemma added “We're a small team and there is only so much we can do so to have the support and this opportunity from the NCS team is something we are so thankful for and hopefully we can continue to work closely with them in the future”

Find out more and how to donate and register with the charity here: http://www.raceagainstbloodcancer.com/


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