Assistance programmes

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APM delivers services under the Department for Work & Pensions' welfare-to-work scheme, the Work Programme.

APM acknowledges that starting on the Work Programme can be a testing time. Therefore, we endeavour to make your time with us as easy as possible.

Following referral from Job Centre Plus, you will receive a phone call from us, followed by a letter that confirms the date, time and location of your first appointment with us. At your first appointment, you will meet with both your Employment Caseworker and your dedicated health professional. They will explain the help and support that is available. They will provide you with your personal plan, based on the information that you have provided during the appointment.

Once you have found work, APM will continue to support you. We will contact you regularly to help you to:

  • Deal with any issues that may arise at work
  • Help you to apply for any in-work benefits that you may be entitled to
  • Support you to find childcare
  • Help you to apply for support from other agencies such as Access to Work
  • Support you to develop your career by providing you with information, including information about National Vocational Qualifications
  • Assess your needs