APM's UK operation is a separate business unit within our global operation.

Senior executives are our Chairman UK, Bob Leach, our Chief Executive Officer UK, Alan Cave and Managing Director, Adam Hart.

The services that APM delivers in the UK include:

  • Employment services - End-to-end delivery of services to people who are furthest from the labour market
  • Assessment services - Assessments of individuals who wish to claim welfare payments
  • Services for young people - Supporting young people who are not in education, training or employment
  • Health care services - Assessments, therapy and training for job seekers delivered by allied health professionals

Information about APM's other business units follows.

Australian Operations 

APM's Australian operations provides a broad range of human services which are delivered through the following structure:

  • APM Employment Services - Support for job seekers to find work and employers to fill vacant positions through the delivery of employment services
  • APM WorkCare - Comprehensive injury prevention and management services
  • APM Assessment Services - Assessments of people who are unemployed, people who have a disability, people who are injured or in poor health and as part of the aged care services we provide
  • APM Health Services - Specialised units to deliver employment services for people who suffer health conditions

New Zealand Operations

APM's New Zealand operations, APM WorkCare, delivers vocational rehabilitation services in New Zealand as part of a national contract with the Accident Compensation Corporation. APM WorkCare also delivers services to third-party administrators (insurers) and small, medium and large employers.

APM WorkCare has a contract with the New Zealand Government's Ministry of Social Development to deliver employment services in New Zealand.

Corporate Governance

APM's strategic direction is determined by a Chairman and Board of Directors. The day-to-day responsibility for implementing strategies developed by the Board of Directors rests with the Group Chief Executive Officer and the company's Executive Leadership Team.