A Tribute To Omar Stewart

Those who knew Omar Stewart will have their own special memories of the man.
To some he was the avid Arsenal fan, to others he was the guru of sportswear (particularly trainers!).
For everyone he was the guy with the beaming smile and razor sharp banter, who always had time for his friends and colleagues.
Omar had a true passion for training and for learning, helping those from disadvantaged communities to develop as people and to fulfil their potential.
Yet he also helped to train, mentor and develop fellow employees, always being on hand to offer advice or simply to listen.
His influence was so far reaching that he has touched literally hundreds of lives through his work and through his quite special personality.
On this dedicated page we invite you to share your memories of Omar – your funniest stories, your shared experiences, your most important moments.
Elaine Brady remembers Omar.

"I had the pleasure of inviting Omar and Glenn (Toney) to Manchester to deliver to our participants of the Greater Manchester Youth Contract. The candidates continuously commented “when is Omar coming back?" They would all happily sit in another session as they all enjoyed it so much.

"Omar had the gift of engaging a group and making each individual feel special, recognising potential in each candidate, influencing them to recognise it too.

My most recent memory was our final chat in Newtown. Omar discussed the Christmas presents he had bought his boys and how excited he was to see their faces. Our goodbye was the usual bear hug and promise of staying in touch. Some of the banter we swapped over the years kept me smiling in the greyest days in Manchester. !

"I take comfort from recognising Omar loved life, and life loved Omar. A life well lived, a wonderful legacy left for us. Rest in peace darling Omar, will think of you often with the fondest memories."

Sharon Quinn with Omar.

For Omar ….….

 "A kind, loving, genuine person. Always had words of wisdom, advice and a song or two to go with it! His cuddles could crush you in the best possible way. Missed and loved forever."

 Sharon xxxx

Omar Stewart And Sharon Quinn PPDG Newtown
Chrissie Blandford remembers Omar
"Omar loved Muhammad Ali and he would often say 'It ain’t bragging if you can back it up'. If you read some of Ali’s quotes they sum up Omar’s outlook on life."
Grant Morris with Omar.
Grant With Omar

"Omar was my colleague but still a best mate. We did everything together. At one point Brad Russell named us the ‘Micky and Jevon’ of Coachright!
He was the best trainer I have had the pleasure to work alongside and we shared the same views when it came to quality.

"Omar always had time for me and other Coachright members when we needed help and when we wanted to better ourselves as trainers.

"He used to leave learners gobsmacked and inspired and there was never a dull moment when he was training.

"He was the most inspirational man I ever knew and always believed in his peers. He would never let me forget Villa had lost and Arsenal had won!!!

"Saying he will be missed just doesn’t do it justice!

I love that bloke!"


Dylan Simkin with Omar.

Dylan -jpeg

"Here is a great picture of my good friend Omar and I in one of the training rooms at Newtown one Friday lunch time.

"He took this pic to send to another colleague to show her how much we were enjoying our lunch break and also in jest mocking as she couldn’t join us,

"He was a great guy. We shared many happy times together and forged a brilliant working relationship and an even better friendship."


A message from Barry Whyte.

"RIP Big Man.Here's to you and a life well lived and loved! You'll be missed more than words can say.

"All you can ask for is to have a positive effect on the earth and you most certainly did in every way possible.Condolences to your boys and family.

"Anyway, I'm sure you'd rather that we celebrated your life today so cheers Omar, it's been a pleasure and an honour to know you!"


Omar and the Coachright team at Sutton Rugby Club.

 Michael -Marcus (2)


Hilary Foster remembers Omar.

"When I left APM last month, you said I'll be missed. At the time I thought 'but I'll miss your huge, warm smile and your lovely hugs whenever we met', but at the time I'd never in my wildest dreams imagined I'd be thinking the same thing but with such a heavy heart as I do right now.

"Dude, this glass is for you, your wife and your boys. May they read all these tributes to you in their own time and remember forever and with a smile how much you brought a ray of sunshine with you wherever you went. RIP Oms xx


Catherine Baroard-Gabbidon with a fond memory of Omar. 

"One of my last conversations with Omar was about Secret Santa. I told Omar: If you pull out my name, what will you buy me? His reply was - a gobstopper (because I used to tease him every now and then). Oh well, he did not pull my name out but, guess what? I did pull his name out of the bag! And I was absolutely pleased when I found out that one of the gifts I bought him were his favourite chocolates - Maltesers! (I must say, I don’t think anyone got any at all). Oh well, I am glad he enjoyed it. That’s a lovely memory to keep.

I’ll always remember his smiley face, white teeth and big spectacles.God Bless."


Sharon Baker with Omar



Omar remembered by Coachright colleague James Walker.

"I cannot describe the shock I am in to find out one of my closest work mates has passed away. 

James -walker

"He was a man that would always do his best to help steer me in the right direction, they say heaven takes the best from us, well heaven you have taken the best,

"R.I.P Omar, forever in my thoughts and my thoughts go to your family the picture above was taken at the Coachright Christmas party in 2013."


Andy Howes with his memories of Omar.

"On New Years day evening news broke that my good friend Omar Stewart had passed away aged 42. I still cannot believe it. Omar and I go back 15 years . I had the pleasure working with him too. Omar was a friend for many and this has been shown through the huge number of tributes on social media.

"I have many memories and stories that Omar and I shared. He introduced me to Amy Winehouse's 1st album before she became famous, which we played everyday whilst we worked on a project together. He was one of the best motivational trainers and football coaches I have met. (he coached hundreds of kids across the west midlands and I believe he worked as a coach for Coventry city at some point plus my sons football team a couple of years ago).

"He gave so much to so many. I never known anyone who always saw so many positives in so many people.

Omar was a massive Arsenal fan and ironically he may miss them potentially winning the premier league this season!. He worked as a counsellor/worker in his local area keeping the peace between Asian and Black gangs. When the day is announced when people can say their final goodbyes, it would not surprise me if hundreds if not a thousand people turn up. He was a legend
RIP Oms."